Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Style Mullet, Business and Then The Party

Sheath Dress Business/Party
Sheath Dress Business/Party by DC Style Blender on

Everyone in DC has a sheath dress. We wear them to work, dinners, events, and even the grocery store. Unfortunately most of the time the dress is worn with clunky heels, old lady pearl jewelry, or a sad sack little cardigan.

I'm here to answer the age old question. . .how to make your sheath dress the clothing equivalent of a mullet, business in the front, party in the back, or day appropriate, night time ready. The key is color, accessories, and COURAGE.

Enjoy kittens.

Start with this great sheath dress in jersey in a teal color. The color alone makes it more bold then the usual gray or black sheath dress. Pair the dress with this charming red belt and fun red shoes for the office.

Keep the jewelery simple wear only this chunky bracelet. And carry this conservative handbag in a structured ladylike shape. Keep your make up neutral and simple. I dare say you could wear this to work at any non-profit on K Street.

Now to head out for the evening keep the shoes and the belt, add this darling clutch, pump up your jewelery with this AMAZING ring and bracelet. Layers are key here, so make sure to keep the bracelet on you wore for daytime. Add some depth to your make up with eyeliner, heavy mascara, and a warm blush. Fluff up your hair and sally forth.

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