Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Leg Up

Leggings…Ah yes, it is the age old question, well at least a year or two old, but back to the question: Can we still rock 'em and be a star? Or has Lindsay Lohan killed the concept of leggings for everyone?

We'll leave Lindsay for another post and just focus on the leggings. . .for now.

First and foremost everything in moderation and worn the right way can be stylish. It has to be done correctly and with good style. Notice I did not say good taste, because good style in not always in good taste…wink wink!

There are a few common sense rules that apply. But since common sense is clearly not so common, I will list them briefly. . .

1. Ladies, please keep them tight and immaculate. No bagging, sagging, fading or lint pills. They must be fresh, crisp, and clean.
2. No kooky colors por favor. Orange, red, brown, blue…or god help us pattern is SO not done.
3. No lace at the bottom a-la Madonna circa 1983. We are no longer desperate and I was never sure who Susan was anyway.
4. Or my personal favorite: Leggings as pants? With a short or tucked in shirt???? I don’t care how thin you think you are (and you are clearly proud and trying to show the rest of the world), this is ridiculous and juvenile…not to mention slightly disturbing, a totally contrived and WAY too much Camel Toe for me to be comfortable.
Now how to do it right. . .
Black or charcoal grey leggings paired with a slouchy, printed, button down shirt, perhaps a belt and a pair of sky high ankle booties? Perfection.
Or a long jersey tank/cami (note the word LONG), under a lightweight thin boyfriend cardigan and knee high stiletto boots? Nothing but heaven girls! Simply fabulous…and so comfortable…just like our old faithful: the Velour Jumpsuit (also another post for another day, so stay tuned).
Running daytime errands or shopping in Georgetown. . . I swear leggings, a great patterned boyfriend cardigan sweater, and cute comfy flats are the best!

Personally? I pretty much swap my leggings out for opaque tights, reserving the leggings mostly for the gym. Opaque tights are considerably more sophisticated and in some cases way more appropriate for grown up situations. But leggings or tights….it’s all the same in theory, you can go JUST as wrong with tights. Keep it simple and chic. We ALL know my mantra: “Less is more…more or less…”

And honestly speaking? Leggings deserve a lot of credit. They have been the gateway to some really great fashion trends: past, present and emerging. Leggings are giving way to skinny jeans, which are giving way to skinny pants, which are resulting in skin tight leather pants (purrrrrrrrr….I likey).

Opinion: In short, if you can manage to make them stylish, not trashy, or even simple and classic then I am all in! I say go for it (sorry LaLohan)!

But more factually: Black leggings, in some form or fashion, are here to stay. They’re like UGGS: they are a main stay.

So wiggle your self into a pair, slide on some high heels and rock ‘em like a rock star! You know you want to…

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