Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello Lover, The House Edition

Due to my husbands hatred of color in any form, I am currently greig-ing my house. Gotta keep the Hubs happy, so neutral grays, beige's, whites, and creams are my inspiration and color pallate of choice.

The key with this look is to control the types of materials used, mix modern with antique, look for sensual forms made of natural products like driftwood, keep accessories either personalized or totally funny kitch, and add texture with nuetral colored pillows and fabric choices.

I personally love color, so to keep me happy I have chosen artwork that is oversized, colorful, and bold. So far I am super pleased with the mix. Will post photos of the house eventually, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I have mentioned before how inspired I am by the mother-daughter team at the great blog Sea of Shoes. Not only is their personal style interesting and detailed, but the house they live in is . . .A-MAY-ZING. I die!

Their living room has inspired some of my recent purchases for my now neutral home. Enjoy!

Stay safe out there kittens and let go of that tired out over stuffed Pottery Barn couch from circa 1998. Time to get sleek and greiged!

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