Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hello Lover

Balmain,, Fall 2009 Runway, Price Unknown

Another regular feature here at DSB is going to be us finding striking items we love online and sharing them with you, our little darlings.

I've been obsessed with this website for YEARS. I have secretly, lovingly, and obsessively stalked amazing vintage Pucci dresses, one of a kind Organically Grown sweaters, and fantastic little tye dyed slip dresses. Their stock is ever changing and their items are totally drool worthy. I've never actually purchased anything but this amazing 70's leather jacket might be my first purchase from them.

Balmain did a strong shoulder for Fall 09 and everyone is trying to knock them off, well this is the original that probably inspired Balmain. . .and I MUST OWN IT!

Sigh. Hello Lover. . .

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