Friday, April 17, 2009

My Secret Shame. . .

I have a dirty style secret. Like all good secrets, it is both embarrassing and addictive. I am coming out of the style closet here folks so be prepared.

Ahem. . .

Hello, My name is D~ and I wear Jessica Simpson shoes.

The woman who gave our generation the sartorial splendor of Daisy Duke shorts worn with cowboy boots makes shoes I crave. They are priced just right, trend perfect, and surprisingly comfortable. J.Simpy you do good shoe.

And now she is branching out into bathing suits and dresses. . .sigh. I see another addiction coming on.

J.Simpy by DC Style Blender featuring Jessica Simpson shoes

Since our blog of the week, The Vintage Society, is all about boho chic with modern sexy elements, I have used that as an inspiration for my spring J.Simpy items picks.

Enjoy kittens!


1 comment:

Zoƫ said...

im sooo loving that dress! very pretty :)

and about those shoes, they are very nice particulary the fringe ones but i dont think i would ever spend any money making jessica simpson richer...unless i felt sorry for her