Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stud Finder

I love a good chandelier earring statement as much as the next girl, but recently I have become obsessed with cute studs. I know, I know, I know. . .I am a bit behind on this “trend.” People wear studs more than they do chandelier earrings. . .

That being said, I have gone on a recent shopping EXTRAVAGANA (note extravagana was said in circus tent master of ceremonies voice, complete with jazz hands) for studs. Some of the items listed below have been purchased and some are on the MUST BUY ASAP list. All are completely charming and utterly perfect.

Let me know what you think poodles!! Comment away, cause these earrings are worth talking about.


Stud Earring Link List
1. Gucci, $165 (Butterflies and Gucci. . .what could be better?!)
2. David Yurman, $275 (Not too highschool or overly sweet hearts that I can get behind wearing.)
3. Marc Jacobs, $68 (A designer's name that I adore, written in gold childlike cursive. Utterly charming!)
4. Juicy Couture, $42 (Pretzel's on your ear, in gold. Just darling.)
5. Giles & Brother, $64 (Tough girl studs, but still appropriate for the office.)
6. Jules Smith, $115 (Kissy lips in gold. Funny, slightly subversive, and small enough that your boss won't give you the stink eye for wearing them to work.)
7. Betsey Johnson, $55 (Miniture, very girly, colored fireworks for your earlobes.)
8. Anthropologie, $24 (The world's smallest elephant's...with strangley long trunks.)
9. Anthropologie, $28 (Flesh eating beatles in a colorful and non-scary way.)
10. Juicy Couture, $48 (I hate the buzzing sound flying insects make when they get near your ear. These dragonfly studs are fun, don't make that high pitched buzz, and might keep other bugs away.)
11. Juicy Couture, $52 (Summertime starfish studs. . .the alliteration alone makes me want to buy them.)
12. Alkemie Jewelry, $132 (Spiders that can be worn with anything. Don't be overly literal and wear it with black, you don't want to look like Elvira.)
13. Juicy Couture, $42 (Teensy, tiny birds with twinkling eyes. I love them.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maxed Out

(And no, sweetums, the title of this post does NOT refer to credit cards…)

Recently I attended a dining/tasting event called 555 Cochon with one of The Chicks. The food was amazing. As I am NOT a wine aficionado (hey, I just drink the stuff cheap or expensive; it is all the same to my uneducated palate), I can state if the wine was good…all I can say is it worked for me.

But this isn’t about the food or the wine, this is about the clothes.

At the event, 80% of the women there were wearing Maxi Dresses. Even I was wearing one. Some of them were super cute, some of them were eye clashing prints, and some of them were just plain, yet appropriate. I believe I fell into the Super Cute Maxi Dress Category…at least that is what my girl R told me.

Which brings me to the following. . .

Usually on this blog I am all preachy teachy (“wear this with that”… “do this with these”…etc.), but today I am going to ask you, kittens, what do you think of the Maxi Dress? In or out? Played and Overused? Or Classic and Reliable? Whatcha think??

I've included photos throughout of Maxi dresses I approve of. For those of you who don't click on the Polyvore collages, below is the list of links to the items shown. Shop till you drop poodles!!

X to the O!!


Effortless and Exotic Maxi Dresses
Effortless and Exotic Maxi Dresses by DC Style Blender featuring Tibi

Maxi Dress Links and Price List

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Damn Swedes!

I mean seriously, how DOES Ikea do it? I keep wanting to hate that place, but they keep supplying classic items at a recession proof price. Damn Swedes and their letter O's with the line through them (what the hell is that letter that Danish countries use and how do they say it. . .you know which one I mean!)

Now, now poodles, don't get all snippy and snappy on me. Admittedly, any room that has more than three Ikea furniture items tips dangerously towards college apartment home decor, but used judiciously with a focus on clean edge design. . .well you just can't beat good old Ikea.
Like this seriously stupidly awesome couch. It is a sofa bed, with storage, and it is UNDER $1000! I defy you to find anything like it that isn't $1700 and above. And with storage? Forget about it! Even old Potty Barns can't give you storage in a sofa bed.

I hear ya kittens. . . . ."it doesn't last, it isn't doesn't survive a move to another place." To that sad lament I say two things. . .

1. Only SOME items from Ikea will survive a move. Those items being a couch, perhaps a bed, maybe a table, possibly a chair. Noticing the theme? Only upholstered or flat furniture can move from one place to another.
Classic Ikea Items

2. Get over it. Ikea is the Forever 21 of home decor. Wear it a few times, love its trends, but don't expect it to last ten years. I mean for real. . .how much can you expect from an $800 couch. The thing about both Forever 21 and Ikea is that sometimes they surprise you. If you treat them well and buy with a clear eye for a classic mixed with trend and semi-decent quality, it might just last you longer than you think. I still have a pair of black linen pants from Forever 21 that I got four years ago. They are awesome, fit me perfectly, and have survived beach trips and bar crawls. As for my Ikea item, The Kramfor sofa, year two and it's looking GRAND! Hear's hoping it makes it to year five.



Monday, June 8, 2009

The Times They Are A Changing

Hello kittens! Long time no see!

We are under construction!!!

I know, I know. . .I've been totally missing in action. But I SWEAR I am going to do better. I've got a new partner to post with (the last one kinda flaked on me.)
The site is going to be prettied up a bit and changed around. . .soooooooo stay tuned.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Magpie Dressing

Hi kiddos. . .

I like shiny, glowing, metallic things. Not just on clothes, but on furniture, bedding, and walls ( but that is for another post). Like a magpie, I am drawn to shiny objects, or more particularly shiny clothes.

Not in the woman-of-a-certain-age-shopping-at-Cache-sequined-spangly-clothes way, but more in the opalescent-daytime-shine way.

It is like the difference between shimmer body powder (fantastic! I love it! I die!) and body glitter (stripperish twee that leaves a trail of bright flecks on the people you touch, yuck!)

So let's focus on gleaming clothes. Like this A-MA-ZING daytime shiny outfit I saw on TV the other evening. I have no idea who the designers are or where you could buy it, but I swear this fall/winter I will be totally emulating this look for the office holiday party. My sad little screen shot doesn't do it justice, but I hope you can get the idea.

Thoughts darlings?. . .



(Silly blogger. . .won't let me post my pityful screen shot of the perfect daytime shine. Will try to post image later. Stay tuned kiddos!!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello Lover, The House Edition

Due to my husbands hatred of color in any form, I am currently greig-ing my house. Gotta keep the Hubs happy, so neutral grays, beige's, whites, and creams are my inspiration and color pallate of choice.

The key with this look is to control the types of materials used, mix modern with antique, look for sensual forms made of natural products like driftwood, keep accessories either personalized or totally funny kitch, and add texture with nuetral colored pillows and fabric choices.

I personally love color, so to keep me happy I have chosen artwork that is oversized, colorful, and bold. So far I am super pleased with the mix. Will post photos of the house eventually, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I have mentioned before how inspired I am by the mother-daughter team at the great blog Sea of Shoes. Not only is their personal style interesting and detailed, but the house they live in is . . .A-MAY-ZING. I die!

Their living room has inspired some of my recent purchases for my now neutral home. Enjoy!

Stay safe out there kittens and let go of that tired out over stuffed Pottery Barn couch from circa 1998. Time to get sleek and greiged!

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Secret Shame. . .

I have a dirty style secret. Like all good secrets, it is both embarrassing and addictive. I am coming out of the style closet here folks so be prepared.

Ahem. . .

Hello, My name is D~ and I wear Jessica Simpson shoes.

The woman who gave our generation the sartorial splendor of Daisy Duke shorts worn with cowboy boots makes shoes I crave. They are priced just right, trend perfect, and surprisingly comfortable. J.Simpy you do good shoe.

And now she is branching out into bathing suits and dresses. . .sigh. I see another addiction coming on.

J.Simpy by DC Style Blender featuring Jessica Simpson shoes

Since our blog of the week, The Vintage Society, is all about boho chic with modern sexy elements, I have used that as an inspiration for my spring J.Simpy items picks.

Enjoy kittens!