Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Watch This Space . . .I Know What Boys Like, I Know What Guys Want

They say women dress to impress other women because men don't really understand or care about fashion. I disagree, I think MOST men don't put as much energy into it as your average woman does, but that doesn't mean men can't appreciate fashion or have an objective/subjective response to it.

Whether you agree with that statement or not, I happen to think men's opinions of fashion are usually funny, irreverent, and sometimes spot on. Ever want to make a decision on the latest coolest trendiest item, I say ask a guy. A man will usually give a succinct statement that will possibly make you laugh and more then likely clarify your stance of yay or nay on said item.

So if your dressing for yourself, or to impress the Mean Girls at the local club, or even to catch a guy check back here for a monthly feature where the men of Washington tell you what they think.

Because men may not be able to spot the difference between Prada and Forever 21, but they know what they like and now we can know as well.

See you soon kittens. . .

Want a taste of what they think about high end edgy runway shoes? I asked a Hill Staffer what he thought of the Nicholas Kirkwood shoes pictured below. He said "they look like Alice in Wonderland got caught up with that guy in the basement from Silence of the Lambs. . .and Alice isn't having a good time."

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vogued out!!! said...

The comment on N. Kirkwood is hilarious!
A guy's comment stopped me from buying gladiator heels by saying "You're not Russell." Funny but yeah I didn't get them.
This should be interesting, we need to hear what more guys think about trends.

P.S thanks for visiting my blog.

Eye said...

That is so funny but so dead on! That said, i would rock those bondage pieces of are with a mod look.

Eye said...

i meant bondage art pieces.....feel me?

Arielle said...

i love these shoes, they're so futuristic.