Sunday, March 15, 2009

Champagne Dreams, Box Wine Budget

Another regular feature here at DCSB is going to be the champagne dreamy items, followed by the more realistic box wine budget possibilities. Because in these harsh economic times cheapie budget style is no longer just an option, it is a must.

One of The Chicks has never met a ruffle she doesn't love. She is drawn to ruffles on shirts, sweaters, and the edges of ladylike skirts. I believe the ruffly aesthetic of anthropologie was made just for her. If it is prim, slightly sweet, and of course ruffled you can count on it being in her closet.

So in her honor below are the high and the low priced ruffle handbags out there, because a bit of girly ruffles always adds a touch of charm to any outfit. Keep them from being ridiculously girly by sticking to a darker color palliate of grays, blacks, and an unexpected teal.

Now kittens got get your glass of boxed wine and enjoy the list.

x to the o!

Offically the champagne dream, and in champagne leather as well. Sigh...drool...ahhhhh....
Prada, $2450
I LOVE this bag. I LOVE this bag. I absolutely LOVE this bag. Perfect price, perfect size, perfect shape, and the ruffles look architectural and interesting instead of overly sweet and delicate. Perfecto!!

Steve Madden, $66,

A softly seductive beauty from Dolce and Gabanna. Obviously the champagne splurge, but god it is gorgeous and will last forever.

Dolce & Gabanna, $1950

I usually stay away from Prada's nylon bags, there is something so. . .just-trying-to-pay-the-bills-at-Prada-so-charging-the-customers-way-more-then-nylon-is-worth about their nylon line. But this one is just too perfect and dreamy to say no to.

Prada, $1295

Tucked, gathered, smocked, and ruffled to the utmost. . .in the perfect teal color for any wardrobe.

Anthropologie, $88

The basic black clutch with a dainty ruffle trim and a hardcore silver lock. Sublime!

Lucky Brand Jeans, $131,

Rocker chick mixed with anthropologie girly girl. Fantastic.

Betsey Johnson, $395


kristen said...

I love the bags and this post in general. Too cute/funny!

The Blendess said...

It will be a regular post title so check back. . .

By the way it makes me laugh as wine budget. Ha!

Ms. Eye said...

The Betsy Johnson is the best. Have you seen it in different colors? I would love it in Green or purple. Perfect price point as well. After buying enough prada and LV or gucci, it might be time to shop on the lower end, but not the Unless of course, it is Filene's.