Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tripping the Heel Fantastic

As promised kittens, a follow up on how to incorporate the style of our blog of the week, Sea of Shoes, into a wearable DC look. So grab a glass of wino and settle in for a chat, because this is a long one!

First, the obvious element of Sea of Shoes style. . .shoes, and not just any shoes. . .no this Texas based blog is all about wowza statement shoes.

As much as I love Sea of Shoes, riddle me this, do we really think in DC you could flash Emanuel Ungaro branch heels for work? I mean, could you wear them to a client meeting at Deloitte and Touche? I think not, the client would not be impressed and your boss would think this person is obviously not a part of our corporate culture.

That being said, let's operate under the theory that not EVERY shoe in your closet needs to be BOTH work appropriate and playtime ready.

So with that theory in mind, buy one or two statement shoes a season and wear them when you go out. Washington's life's blood is evening events and after work mixers (Yes, I said mixers like an old lady living in Boca. . . stay tuned for the use of words like shindig and cats meow.)

That means wear your statement shoes to go out for store openings, drinks, dates, dinners, local events, charity functions, all those cocktail parties, and etc. Be courageous and pair your multitude of Little Black Dresses or classic boot cut Seven Jeans with something more interesting then the expected black Tory Burch heel or Kate Spade strappy.

For those lucky few who work in offices a bit more open in regards to style; try wearing some of the less extreme statement shoes below with classic, clean items. Keep it clean and pair them with black slacks, simple trousers, or well tailored pencil skirts.

So without further ado, my spring/fall picks for statement shoes for women of DC. The price range is broad, the styles are fantastic, and Sea of Shoes would be proud of you. Go forth kittens and buy!


These whisper . . .statement shoe, versus the more bold choices at Sea of Shoes. These shoes, however, become more and more detailed as you review them further. Who needs a YSL Tribute at 5" inches when Prada has done 5" inches with a tongue in cheek lady like demure. Made by the queen of statement shoes, Miuccia Prada, it is almost as if she knew exactly what a woman of DC would like to wear.
Prada, $590,

Fancy, funky, and amazingly sexy. By far the best version of a bootie. . .ever. Obviously a major splurge, but sometimes you just gotta invest in something this beautiful.
Givenchy, $979,

Multi-colored magic. from one of my favorite shoe designers. You could pair these with more then you think.
Giuseppe Zanotti, $653,

Tribal influenced items are big this year. Graphic and bold, these strappys are perfect for the DC lifestyle.
Michael by Michael Kors, $149,

Every girl needs a wedge. The pop of teal blue makes these interesting. Take a risk, be inspired by Prada, and wear them in colder weather to a fun brunch with gray tights and an all gray sweater dress.
Charles David, $165,

Nobody does girly and sassy better then Betsey Johnson. These are sweet and fun. Keep them from making your teeth ache with their sweetness by wearing them with either black or gray skinny jeans.
Betsey Johnson, $175,

The mix of black, brown, white, and tan means you can wear these with almost anything you own. The cool shaped heel and multi-straps make them the best neutral statement shoe in this price range.
Michael by Michael Kors, $150,

Punchy coral never looked so good. Wear these with jeans, dresses, skirts. . .whateves.
Steve Madden, $149,

I am always impressed with the shoes ninewest comes up with; trend right and priced so that you can easily justify them.
Ninewest, $89,

Not a brand I am super familiar with, but who cares. These booties in olive suede with tiny bows up the back. . .unfreakenbeliveable!
Promiscuous, $99,

Who would think these are from payless, certainly not me! Blue satin peep toe, with a wood and lucite banded wedge heel. . .the description alone sounds more high end then payless would seemingly supply.
Payless, $38,

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