Friday, March 13, 2009

These Heels Were Made For Working

Morning kittens, let's get started with. . .shoes. . .again.

So we have talked about statement shoes, a la Sea of Shoes blog style influence, but now let's discuss practicalities. . .The Work Shoe.

How can you avoid the sad, boxy, little 2" clunker heels I see between 8 - 6 pm on K Street? What are the best options for working on Capitol Hill, but still looking like you have a clue as to who Louboutin is?

Well kittens, below is a list of fantastic options to make a gal (I really do sound like I am 70 and living in Boca Raton, what IS that all about. . .) feel stylish, while still maintaining a career path.
All the shoes below are ones I suggest you purchase. But if you can't purchase them or they just don't strike your fancy (there is that old lady word usage again. . .) then try to remember the following:

When in doubt, heel height should be absolutely flat or 3" and above, nothing in between, especially if it is chunky and square.

Peep toe is always cute, but make sure to keep it classy, you are at work and I assume you want a promotion.

Not if, but when, you do a colored heel tone it down with simple neutral outfit.

Don't get crazy and buy something from Comfort One, or god help us, Clarks, because your feet hurt. Just pop a Dr. Scholl's gel pad in the shoe and walk the pain off. Or keep a pair of FANTASTIC flats handy to slip into.

So enjoy the list and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your comments.


Look for something charming and fem. This kicky heel from payless is just the ticket. And at the lowest price imaginable, why not just buy them.
Payless, $38,
Find a low key animal print and wear it with anything and everything. These charming flats are a perfect example of DC work appropriate animal print.
Wellies are an English staple and it rains enough here that they should be a DC must have as well. Don't ruin a perfectly good pair of heels in a puddle. Keep your Wellies chic and simple in black patent leather.
Kamik, $44,

A wedge has become the secret comfort shoe for millions of women. These in a charcoal gray will keep you going for a while and maintain a nice since of style.
Get a flat in a punchy color so that when your tootsie's hurt you still look like you have a fashion clue. The gynormous bow on these is charming as well.
Snakeskin is more neutral then you would think and a peep toe slingback is a classic shape. Pair this with anything you own. Get a great pedicure and flash a bright colored nailpolish. . .like I'm Not Really a Waitress by OPI.
DC women wear boots, ALOT. Get one for work that is detailed and fun. These insouciant take on spats can be worn with tucked in jeans or a great wrap dress.
A D'Orsay pump is a classic shape. Wearing it in a soft berry red makes it stylish and fun.
You need a black flat. But don't buy it from Aerosoles get these cute cut out ones instead.
The perfect plain, slightly rounded, slightly pointed, pump. It comes in a multitude of colors, but black and brown are the ones you should ALWAYS own.

Look for pumps with details. This one mixes tweed and patent leather, but the shape is classic and simple.
Modern Vintage, $249,

In the spring and summer you need an "almost" sandal. These are fantastic!
Kate Spade, $328,

Like I said before, boots are a must. Get a classic black pair and wear them with ANYTHING.
Get a high end label shoe in a classic but detailed shape. These are amazing. You will wear them forever.

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Ms. Eye said...

I have flats in EVERY color to wear to work. They are fun and they look great in my various outfits. I dress in seperates for work and I hardly wear skirts or dresses in the winter unless I am wearing my boots of which i have several pair. Question, how do you pair heels with pants? I find that they dont go together unless my pants are extra long.