Friday, March 13, 2009

Size Does Matter. . .4 Inches or Shocker . . .Less!

Size matters, and I am NOT talking about what you think I am talking about. No, kittens, I am talking about heel height.

One of The Chicks just started wearing 3" - 3.5" heels, comfortably and regularly. On a recent shopping trip to NYC she was appalled to find that 3" are no longer stylish, it is 4.5" - 5" that count. Counts, at least in fashionable circles. So, while tottering around the Saks department wearing the latest Louboutin stunner she realized. . .bigger is NOT better, it could kill you in a hellish death by high heel accident.

She immediately called me and screamed into the phone, "How am I going to Wear 5" heels." After calming her down, I said "Well my pet, you wear them only occasionally, with dignity, attitude, and a MINIMUM of swinging hips. Natch."

Seriously kittens, the question is, are those extra inches just TOO much to justify? Are they really needed? Do they actually DO anything for you? Or is it like men say. . . it isn't the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean. . .oh god this metaphor is awful and I am ending it RIGHT NOW.

Look, it just has to be taken on a case by case basis.

First, is it appropriate? Those of you lucky enough to own Balenciaga booties, you PROBABLY don't wear them to the law office. However, heading to the restaurant Mio, then definitely do wear them.

The second thing to consider, as the saying goes, safety first kittens. . .will you break your ankle? I say, practice makes perfect. Wear them at home for at least a week before endangering yourself in public. Planning on being in Georgetown with those cobblestone streets, don't risk it. Many a girl has fallen booty over boobie on those charming, but dangerous cobblestone streets. However, going to Dupont, then try them out.

Some shoes are worth the torture of the towering heights and potential death, others are just silly. Personally I like the 4" - 5" range. Those extra inches make me feel. . .something good.

Enjoy images below of people on the streets wearing the highest of heels. Take comfort in the fact the if the Europeans shown in these images walk on GRAVEL, for gods sake we can surely do it on cobblestones and pavement.

So, go forth and buy that infamous YSL Tribute or the latest Nicholas Kirkwood beauty. Find a comfort zone with the highest heels you can stand.

And if it is only 3" . . . well then the motion in your ocean is all that matters. One step at a time ladies. . .

As always. . .xoxo.

The only American image to make the cut it is the mom from Sea of Shoes, FEEDING/WALKING HER DOGS IN YSL TRIBUTE BOOTS!! If she can do it while taking care of Fido, I believe we can do it while drinking on 14th and U street.

Images courtesy of JakandJill, Garance Dore, and Sea of Shoes.


vogued out!!! said...

Jane is too adorable and her shoe collection is amazing...

The Blendess said...

Jane is charming and stylish. . .and so impressive at her age.

Like I said, the Dakota Fanning of the Fashion World.