Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maxed Out

(And no, sweetums, the title of this post does NOT refer to credit cards…)

Recently I attended a dining/tasting event called 555 Cochon with one of The Chicks. The food was amazing. As I am NOT a wine aficionado (hey, I just drink the stuff cheap or expensive; it is all the same to my uneducated palate), I can state if the wine was good…all I can say is it worked for me.

But this isn’t about the food or the wine, this is about the clothes.

At the event, 80% of the women there were wearing Maxi Dresses. Even I was wearing one. Some of them were super cute, some of them were eye clashing prints, and some of them were just plain, yet appropriate. I believe I fell into the Super Cute Maxi Dress Category…at least that is what my girl R told me.

Which brings me to the following. . .

Usually on this blog I am all preachy teachy (“wear this with that”… “do this with these”…etc.), but today I am going to ask you, kittens, what do you think of the Maxi Dress? In or out? Played and Overused? Or Classic and Reliable? Whatcha think??

I've included photos throughout of Maxi dresses I approve of. For those of you who don't click on the Polyvore collages, below is the list of links to the items shown. Shop till you drop poodles!!

X to the O!!


Effortless and Exotic Maxi Dresses
Effortless and Exotic Maxi Dresses by DC Style Blender featuring Tibi

Maxi Dress Links and Price List

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Tiffiny G. Kane said...

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