Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Damn Swedes!

I mean seriously, how DOES Ikea do it? I keep wanting to hate that place, but they keep supplying classic items at a recession proof price. Damn Swedes and their letter O's with the line through them (what the hell is that letter that Danish countries use and how do they say it. . .you know which one I mean!)

Now, now poodles, don't get all snippy and snappy on me. Admittedly, any room that has more than three Ikea furniture items tips dangerously towards college apartment home decor, but used judiciously with a focus on clean edge design. . .well you just can't beat good old Ikea.
Like this seriously stupidly awesome couch. It is a sofa bed, with storage, and it is UNDER $1000! I defy you to find anything like it that isn't $1700 and above. And with storage? Forget about it! Even old Potty Barns can't give you storage in a sofa bed.

I hear ya kittens. . . . ."it doesn't last, it isn't doesn't survive a move to another place." To that sad lament I say two things. . .

1. Only SOME items from Ikea will survive a move. Those items being a couch, perhaps a bed, maybe a table, possibly a chair. Noticing the theme? Only upholstered or flat furniture can move from one place to another.
Classic Ikea Items

2. Get over it. Ikea is the Forever 21 of home decor. Wear it a few times, love its trends, but don't expect it to last ten years. I mean for real. . .how much can you expect from an $800 couch. The thing about both Forever 21 and Ikea is that sometimes they surprise you. If you treat them well and buy with a clear eye for a classic mixed with trend and semi-decent quality, it might just last you longer than you think. I still have a pair of black linen pants from Forever 21 that I got four years ago. They are awesome, fit me perfectly, and have survived beach trips and bar crawls. As for my Ikea item, The Kramfor sofa, year two and it's looking GRAND! Hear's hoping it makes it to year five.



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