Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stud Finder

I love a good chandelier earring statement as much as the next girl, but recently I have become obsessed with cute studs. I know, I know, I know. . .I am a bit behind on this “trend.” People wear studs more than they do chandelier earrings. . .

That being said, I have gone on a recent shopping EXTRAVAGANA (note extravagana was said in circus tent master of ceremonies voice, complete with jazz hands) for studs. Some of the items listed below have been purchased and some are on the MUST BUY ASAP list. All are completely charming and utterly perfect.

Let me know what you think poodles!! Comment away, cause these earrings are worth talking about.


Stud Earring Link List
1. Gucci, $165 (Butterflies and Gucci. . .what could be better?!)
2. David Yurman, $275 (Not too highschool or overly sweet hearts that I can get behind wearing.)
3. Marc Jacobs, $68 (A designer's name that I adore, written in gold childlike cursive. Utterly charming!)
4. Juicy Couture, $42 (Pretzel's on your ear, in gold. Just darling.)
5. Giles & Brother, $64 (Tough girl studs, but still appropriate for the office.)
6. Jules Smith, $115 (Kissy lips in gold. Funny, slightly subversive, and small enough that your boss won't give you the stink eye for wearing them to work.)
7. Betsey Johnson, $55 (Miniture, very girly, colored fireworks for your earlobes.)
8. Anthropologie, $24 (The world's smallest elephant's...with strangley long trunks.)
9. Anthropologie, $28 (Flesh eating beatles in a colorful and non-scary way.)
10. Juicy Couture, $48 (I hate the buzzing sound flying insects make when they get near your ear. These dragonfly studs are fun, don't make that high pitched buzz, and might keep other bugs away.)
11. Juicy Couture, $52 (Summertime starfish studs. . .the alliteration alone makes me want to buy them.)
12. Alkemie Jewelry, $132 (Spiders that can be worn with anything. Don't be overly literal and wear it with black, you don't want to look like Elvira.)
13. Juicy Couture, $42 (Teensy, tiny birds with twinkling eyes. I love them.)


tinkalicious said...

nother SGM stalker here, love your site, must send you my most fantastic "shoe" (ones I actually own and wear) I think u would likey!
stop on by when u get a minute!

Andrea M. Szymanski said...

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